A sightseeing tour with the Moselprinz

The Moselle Valley, with its wine and cultural landscape, is one of the most scenic river valleys in Europe. The recent events have meant that many people are discovering the merits of tourist destinations on their own doorstep. A panoramic cruise on board the KD boat MS Moselprinz is a great way to relax and get to know the Moselle Valley. Passengers gain amazing impressions of the beauty of the landscape during the one-hour cruises. The cruise on the gentle and tranquil Moselle is ideal for a short time out, to pause for a moment and switch off.

A firm date with the prince

Moselprinz captain Patrick Prüm is pleased that the panoramic cruises are so popular. “Business is going great this season. Our passengers are happy that the cruises are running again after last year’s coronavirus restrictions,” says the 29-year-old skipper. “We have many regular guests, especially from the Cologne area. They find the Moselle at least as beautiful as the Rhine. They like how everything is a bit smaller and easier to take in on the Moselle. And almost every Sunday we welcome a sprightly senior citizen on board who travels specially from Saarland.”

The KD panoramic cruises start alongside Cochem’s old town. There are up to six departures daily (except Mondays). For this sightseeing tour from the water, the Moselprinz offers passengers a living room atmosphere on the open deck. The cruise ship combines elegance, cosiness, comfort and nostalgia. The round trip from Cochem takes passengers past historic castles, small villages and vineyards, whose vines sometimes seem close enough to touch.

Breathtaking view of the Moselle Valley

It is well worth exploring the town a little more before or after the panoramic cruise. Cochem long ago ceased to be an insider tip; now, it is a tourist attraction in Rhineland-Palatinate. Neverthe­less, the town of around 5,000 inhabitants has retained its charm and flair. The historic old town and the magnificent promenade along the banks of the Moselle are particularly worth seeing. It is also worth taking a stroll through the winding alleyways of the old town with its half-timbered houses and the baroque town hall on the market square. From here, old, winding stone steps lead up to “Klosterberg” (Monastery Mountain). The Capuchin monastery, situated on a mountain spur, was built around 1630 and was a monas-tery until 1802. Now it is the town’s cultural centre. Perched high above the town is the magnificent Reichsburg Castle, a marvel of architecture. From there you have an incredible view of Cochem and the Moselle Valley. Another breathtaking perspective of the river and valley can be found at “Pinnerkreuz” (Pinner’s Cross). The lookout is located on “Pinnerberg” (Pinner’s Mountain), which can be easily reached by the Cochem chairlift. For those who are good on their feet, a hike through the vineyards to Pinnerkreuz is a great idea.

Spectacular times on the Rhine!
The new KD event ship

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