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Kamp - Bornhofen

As a place of pilgrimage and a traditional centre of rafting and shipping, Kamp-Bornhofen has much to offer in the way of culture.

Kamp-Bornhofen, with the well-known castles Liebenstein and Sterrenberg, more often called the "hostile brothers", lies at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley. The Franciscan monastery with its pilgimage church attracts many visitors each year. 

Ticket Office Kamp-Bornhofen

56341 Kamp-Bornhofen
Breite/Lat: 50.225564 Länge/Lon: 7.617691

Tel. 0 67 73 / 2 60
Fax 0 67 73 / 2 60
E-Mail: kd-kampbornhofen(at)


Useful Information

Information concerning the landing-stage

  • The KD landing-stage in Kamp-Bornhofen is accessible to passengers with restricted mobility.
  • Passengers are requested to be at the landing-stage 15 minutes before the scheduled sailing time. 
  • Passengers who have not purchased their ticket at the KD ticket office in Kamp-Bornhofen are requested to report at the ticket office.
  • Payment options: cash, credit card (Eurocard, Mastercard).

    Getting to the landing-stage by public transport

    By VIAS regional train to Kamp-Bornhofen station, approx. 5 mins. walk.

    Getting to the landing-stage by car

    There is a ramp from the B42 main road to the Rhine and the KD landing-stage. Free public parking is available along the main street. 

    Information for coaches

    There is a bus stop for dropping off and picking up passengers directly in front of the KD landing-stage and there is a special coach park 100m away. 

    Suggested tours

    Nostalgia route

    Our highlight on the romantic Middle Rhine – on the trail of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pure nostalgia is offered between Koblenz and Rüdesheim. Experience the most famous sights on the river which embodies German Romanticism in authentic surroundings on board the paddle steamer GOETHE.

    • KD departure time from Kamp-Bornhofen: 11.10
    Nostalgia route

    Loreley tour

    St. Goarshausen is where you will find the magical Loreley, which attracts thousands of people from all over the world each year. Many romantic castles, the imperial palace near Kaub and the fortress of Schönburg by Oberwesel proudly watch over the valley of the Loreley and, cloaked in legend, are witnesses of an eventful history.

    • KD departure times from Kamp-Bornhofen: 09:10, 11:10, 13:10, 14:10 and 16:10
    Loreley tour

    Trip to castles

    Nowhere else are there as many medieval castles as on this inimitable section of the Rhine, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 2002. To mention just three of them: Ehrenbreitstein Fortress at the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz, Stolzenfels Castle and the uniquely well-preserved Marksburg Castle in Braubach, to mention just three.

    • KD departure times from Kamp-Bornhofen: 09:10, 11:10, 13:10, 14:10 and 16:10
      (upriver towards Rüdesheim)
    • KD departure times from Boppard: 11:40, 16:40 and 18:40
      (downriver towards Boppard and Koblenz)
    Trip to castles

    Offers on site

    Castles: Hostile Brothers

    Sterrenberg Castle is probably one of the oldest fortifications on the Middle Rhine: Its keep was erected no later than the end of the 12th century. In addition to its age, Sterrenberg Castle is also remarkable for having two shield walls placed one behind the other. The outer wall is stronger and higher than the inner one and clearly directed towards the neighbouring Liebenstein Castle. These two castles, formerly occupied by parties bitterly opposed to each other, bear witness to the problems involved in centuries of changing ownership in the Middle Rhine Valley. Because in the Middle Ages the territories of different rulers often bordered directly on each other. Various animosities between princes, counts and abbots were manifested in the counter-castles constructed to defend their various dominions. According to the legend of the “Hostile Brothers”, on top of that Sterrenberg and Liebenstein Castles belonged to two brothers who built the strongholds as the result of a dispute. Instead of a family feud, a castle with rooms suitable for celebrations, plus a café and restaurant awaits today’s visitors.

    Liebenstein Castle was built in the 13th century. The owners of the two castles became irreconcilable foes in 1320 when Sterrenberg became the property of the Archbishopric of Trier and the rulers of Liebenstein withdrew completely into their castle. The construction of a massive shield wall at Sterrenberg Castle documents in stone how deeply the ideological rift was between the two groups. In addition, as early as 1340 Liebenstein Castle became a ganerbenburg: Ganerben were noble families who, on account of joint inheritance, lived in the same castle complex. As an association of numerous very small castles, Liebenstein served as home for around ten families who lived in different buildings. Today the buildings of the ganerben can no longer be recognised at Liebenstein Castle, where a hotel and restaurant have been integrated in the course of extensive renovation work starting in 1977.

    Raftsmen and Sailors Museum

    The Raftsmen and Sailors Museum in Kamp-Bornhofen displays exhibits from the time when logs were rafted and steamship travel were provided by the people of Kamp. The museum was opened in 1968 with the help of the association Flößer-und Schiffer-Verein Kamp-Bornhofen e.V. and the support of the municipality.

    Tourist-Information Kamp-Bornhofen

    Rheinuferstraße 34
    56341 Kamp-Bornhofen
    Tel. 06773 / 9373
    Fax 06773 / 9374
    E-Mail: touristik(at)

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