Gourmandising with a nostalgic touch

There are breakfast specials aplenty in a town like Koblenz, but it’s safe to say that none compare with that offered by KD.

She’s a legend that no doubt everyone in Koblenz and probably the entire Middle Rhine Valley is familiar with: the Goethe, an over one-hundred-year-old paddle steamer that sails under the KD flag. When her steam-powered horn sounds, you can’t help feeling yourself being transported back in time to the era of steam ships, when the Goethe and numerous steamers like her were the fastest and most modern means of transport there was at the time. Today, it’s the exact opposite that people love about a cruise on the Goethe: her nostalgic atmosphere that acts like a window into the past and her leisurely pace that allows guests to appreciate the picturesque scenery between Koblenz and Rüdesheim to the full.

Anyone needing more reasons to finally book a trip on the Goethe, besides the stylish ambience nd spectacular countryside of the UNESCO cultural heritage site that is the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, may find this offer from KD just what they were waiting for: From Monday to Friday, the shipping line invites guests to join them aboard the Goethe on a breakfast cruise for the special price of 19.80 euros. The price includes a two-hour cruise from Koblenz to Boppard and a sumptuous breakfast including orange juice, bread, rolls and croissants, cold cuts, cheese, egg, honey, jam and coffee. Important note: Please don’t forget to bring your ID card or passport when purchasing the ticket, as this offer is aimed specifically at guests over 60 years of age.

Tickets for a journey back in time

We set off at nine o’clock from the KD landing stage in Koblenz directly opposite the Ehrenbreit- stein Fortress. Tickets for the cruise can be purchased from the local ticket office too. As soon as the Goethe casts off and Koblenz glides past her large windows, a waiter is promptly on hand to take your orders. Simply present the breakfast cruise ticket, decide whether you’d prefer coffee or tea, and just a few minutes later, the sumptuous breakfast is served.

Leisurely indulgence

Over rolls and croissant, the paddle steamer continues at a stately pace to Oberlahnstein and Rhens, where further guests are welcomed aboard. Anecdotes and historical background information are shared as one castle drifts by after the next. A little over an hour later, we arrive at Braubach, and around the same amount of time is left to finish breakfast before reaching Boppard. Anyone who has already eaten their fill can use the time to stretch their legs and perhaps check out the paddle wheel behind its glass covering as it propels the Goethe upriver. It’s still the ship’s method of propulsion even after over 100 years in service, but since 2008, it’s no longer driven by a steam engine, but a modern diesel one.

Brass-framed portholes and mahogany-coloured wooden benches – a brief postprandial stroll on deck makes it quite apparent that the Goethe is a ship unlike any other on the Rhine. And before you know it, Boppard comes into view, welcoming voyagers with fluttering flags, colourful flower arrangements and a wealth of turn-of-the-century architecture. There’s a large throng waiting at the KD jetty, as this is where many international tour groups board the ship and with whom the Goethe enjoys a legendary reputation. From Boppard, they set sail bound for another world-famous Middle Rhine icon: the Loreley.

Spectacular times on the Rhine!
The new KD event ship

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