Festive Advent with amusing touches

On the event cruises in Cologne and Düssel­dorf, passengers can look forward to hours of fun on board the festively decorated KD boats. Dietmar Bär, Konrad Beikircher and Margie Kinsky & Bill Mockridge will be serving up the best in entertainment in Cologne. One very special tip is the “Excelsior Afternoon Tea” as part of the afternoon round trip on 28th November in Cologne. In Düsseldorf, Konrad Beikircher and Oliver Steller will be presenting their calling cards.

“Cuisine Meets Literature"

The culinary readings with Dietmar Bär are a literary delight in a class of their own. The actor is known throughout Germany for his role as inspector Freddy Schenk in the Cologne-based show “Tatort” (Crime Scene). He enjoys reading exciting and inspiring stories at least as much as scripts and case files. On the KD evening cruise, the bookworm will present passages from one of his favourite books – most likely a crime is involved. Under the title “Cuisine Meets Poetry” there will be a three-course meal from the murderously good KD galley, alongside the reading spiced with charm, wit and suspense.

“Schiff Ahoi” with Konrad Beikircher

Cabaret artist, musician and author Konrad Beikircher dedicates his cheerful programme “Schiff Ahoi” (Ship Ahoy) to the topic: “What I guarantee you never wanted to know about cruises.” He promises a macabre and amusing journey on the water and lets lively widows, who know the most effective ways of making a spouse disappear without a sound or a trace, have their say. But nicer contemporaries also put in an appearance, like the “Fröschlein” (Little Frog). This lady cannot deny her husband any favours. Konrad Beikircher reveals whether this is healthier in the long run. He also uncovers the differences between freshwater and saltwater cruises and reminds us of the Roman pioneers of cruising on the Rhine and Moselle. The entertaining evenings in Cologne and Düsseldorf are framed by a three-course meal.

Love and marriage are not mutually exclusive

They go together like a horse and carriage or “like a bum on a bucket” (quote: Margie Kinsky). The main thing is they are together: The two good mood ambassadors Margie Kinsky & Bill Mockridge happily announce “Hurra, wir lieben noch!” (Hooray, we still love). This sounds like peace and harmony after 30 years of marriage. Now that all six sons have flown the parental coop, the lively couple have to readjust their life together beyond the household routine and Lindenstraße, but on this side of crossword puzzles and senior specials. Margie and Bill reveal whether this works out without friction and drama on the neutral ground of the MS RheinEnergie.

Musician Oliver Steller interprets Rilke

“Zwischen den Sternen” (Between the Stars) is the title of this special evening for the heart and mind. Actor, musician and guitarist Oliver Steller devotes himself to the life and work of poet Rainer Maria Rilke in an inimitable way. In word and song, he manages to combine German poetry with self-composed music. Together with his gifted musician colleagues Bernd Winterschladen (saxophone) and Dietmar Fuhr (double bass), he carefully approaches the eminent poet of literary modernism. The exquisite panoramic view of Düsseldorf’s Medien­hafen port provides the perfect backdrop for this highly recommended evening on board the KD. In addition to the stage programme, a three-course meal awaits the guests.

Spectacular times on the Rhine!
The new KD event ship

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