Evening cruise on the Rhine

A pleasurable evening on board
It is rumoured that the people of Cologne consider drinking to be more important than eating. That is definitely not true: local specialities from marinated beef to potato pancakes give the visitor real access to a region which regards pleasure as one of its trademarks.

The ship glides through the twilight, the evening sun bathes the cathedral in a dramatic light, slowly the lights of the city come on. When KD's event ships cruise slowly past the lively city centre, the day's stress and hustle are guaranteed to be forgotten. The relaxed atmosphere on board is a constituent part of the all-inclusive programme, which combines the classical Cologne round-trip cruise with a dinner of regional specialities and other delicacies. Passengers help themselves at the sumptuous buffet and enjoy a glass of draught Kölsch beer or a glass of wine. And because conviviality and music got particularly well together on the Rhineland, the DJ beckons everyone onto the dancefloor.


With family, friends and colleagues

Relax and enjoy is the motto for the evening. The buffet and all beverages, for instance beer, wine and soft drinks, are included in the price. Three entertaining hours are provided on the Rhine aboard the KD event ship with the panorama of Cologne as a backdrop. You can use the time on board just as you please – to feast on the buffet, which includes Rhineland specialities, to make the difficult choice of what to drink from a selection of red, white and rosé wines, beer and soft drinks, and, last but not least, to take to the dance floor. Do you have any further questions about how you’re going to spend the evening? We doubt it!

Tickets all incl. Afternoon Cruises

Glittering lights of the cty panorama

When the evening party reaches Rheinau harbour, the impressive Kranhäuser (“crane houses”) are a veritable eye-catcher. They seem to hover weightlessly over the Rhine. Architectural masterpieces! Having passed the city’s exclusive residential areas, a little later the ship reaches the southernmost point of the evening tour in Rodenkirchen. On the return journey it is worth taking a look at the brightly illuminated Severin Bridge. The Deutzer Bridge marks the beginning of the old city with its countless breweries, inns and restaurants. The centrepiece of Cologne, the Cologne Cathedral, is visible from far away, particularly impressive in the evening light as it rises high above the water.

KD Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt GmbH
KD Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt GmbH
KD Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt GmbH
© KD Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt GmbH

Rock the boat

The DJ is to blame. With current hits and popular numbers from the last 30 years, the DJ creates the perfect atmosphere for this evening outing. And while the waves of the Rhine splash gently against the ship’s hull, perhaps on deck New German Wave music is ensuring that all the passengers will sing along – or at least tap their feet. And so, exhilarated, the guests return to dry land at around 11.30 pm. With yet another lasting impression of Cologne.

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Spectacular times on the Rhine!
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