Dancing into sunset!

Over 30s, 80’s/90’s, Mallorca or Sion Kölsch party in Cologne, Funky Friday, No Limits or beach pirates on-board in Düsseldorf:The KD’s party trips are legendary and usually sold out faster than you can say their names. The editorial staff at RheinZeit accompanied a women’s tennis team who were lucky enough to get tickets for their team outing. And here’s how it was.

A good three-quarters of an hour before admission begins at 7.30 p.m., hundreds of people are already queuing up on the bank of the Rhine in Cologne. They are all among the lucky ones
who were able to get hold of tickets for the over 30s party taking place on this mild Friday evening at the end of May. The RheinFantasie actually has a capacity of 1,000 guests for its parties, while its sister ship, the MS RheinEnergie, even holds 1,600. Despite this, it’s still not easy to get a hold of tickets and especially not when you want to party as a large group, as many of those waiting obviously do. Among them are the ten players from the women’s 40 tennis team of TC Hersel-Widdig. They use the time until admission to chat to those waiting in front of and behind them, and it’s clear that neither the tennis ladies nor the staff from a car workshop waiting in front of them are partying here for the first time. “We do this about once a year,” says team captain Monika. “It’s already become a tradition for us as a team event.” And why do they keep coming back to the ship, of all places? At this question, the whole team looks at the reporter as if she couldn’t have asked a more stupid question: “Well, because there’s always a great atmosphere here,” says one. “Because it’s great to celebrate in the open air”, says another, and “Because you can have a lot of fun here in a group, for example as a group of friends, sports team or with colleagues”.

Dancing with a view

Later, when the group opens its first bottle of KD on-board brand sparkling wine at two bar tables directly at the railing with a view of Cologne cathedral, the topic comes up again: “You only have to take a look around“, enthuses Karola, waving her arms towards the old town, cathedral and Rhine promenade. “Where else can you find a party with a backdrop like this?” By the way, this view is also the reason why the experienced KD party-goers start queuing up long before admission begins, despite already having tickets: The best spots on-board − in good weather, at least − are on the sun deck directly at the railing. This is also where the tennis ladies set up their base. After toasting to a pleasant evening and as soon as the ship has departed, the first members of the group make a beeline for the dance floor in the middle of the open deck. There are also many people already here. Depending on the party motto, electronic sounds, German pop, folk, Cologne songs or 80s hits sound from the speakers. On this evening, there’s a colourful mixture of everything. The partygoersknow every song and the DJ knows his
audience, so there’s a great atmosphere right from the start.

With a cool Kölsch, wine or cocktail in hand, many of the party guests simply stand together in small and large groups, bob to the beat of the music, talk, laugh and enjoy the view
of the banks of the Rhine leisurely passing by. But things get really loud when the MS RheinFantasie travels under a bridge. Then everybody cheers as if Cologne’s football club has just become German champion and takes childlike pleasure in the echo caused by their shouts underneath the bridge. By the way, this is also a clear indication that, for the vast majority of people here, it’s not their first time on a KD party trip.

The party continues below deck

The Hersel tennis ladies are well practised in this, too. The whole sun deck is partying. At around 10:00 p.m. the music is turned down a little, because now it’s time for things to get going on the second dance floor below deck. The DJ puts on some Cologne songs that are perfect for dancing to welcome the masses who are now streaming downstairs. Straight away, the dance floor is full to bursting, and every chorus is sung with gusto − also further up on the gallery, which offers a perfect view of the dance floor. At around 11.30 p.m., the party on-board comes to an end, but most people simply move on. Like our tennis girls. “We’re already looking forward to the legendary pizza in the old town and then the party will continue,” they agree.



All parties, all dates, all prices can be found in the KD schedule or at

Many more partys on the rhine

But the KD party season is far from over. In Düsseldorf, the party ships will lift their anchors regularly until the end of August and then again on Halloween, while in Cologne
the party season on the Rhine even lasts until mid-October, only to be extended on 8th November with “Karneval om Rhing”.


Spectacular times on the Rhine!
The new KD event ship

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