Catwalk on the Wasser

Designerin Anja Gockel presents her new collection
“Every place that is extraordinary is a place for an Anja Gockel Fashion Night,” shouts the internationally renowned Mainz fashion designer into the microphone. And the location of the event is indeed unique. For the first time ever, a fashion show took place on the Rhine. Last summer, the KD Charter Service did a whole lot of work to prepare the MS RheinFantasie perfectly for this evening.

The catwalk glows bright red in the middle of the event ship’s main deck. Later, the big fashion show “Phenomenal Woman” with 13 models will be taking place here. Anja Gockel stands at the entrance of the ship and welcomes each of the 400 guests personally. Those who want to can even get a photo taken together with the friendly designer. “A fashion show on the water – that’s never been done on the Rhine before!” says the Mainz designer, who is looking forward to her big night.

Designerin Anja Gockel and her models

Party on the open-air deck

Phenomenal Woman

As night falls, the show finally begins – the highlight of the evening. 13 “phenomenal women” conquer the catwalk and present Anja Gockel’s new collection. Sweeping robes and delicate fabrics in shimmering colours and exciting evening dresses in transparent lace alternate with elegant frilled blouses and figure-hugging sequin dresses. At the grand finale of the fashion show, all models in their sparkling outfits shine for all their worth around the designer herself. And without further ado, even the catwalk is transformed into a dance floor. What a magical evening!

What a show! High glamour factor

What a show! High glamour factor

What a show! High glamour factor

Anything but ordinary

Whether it’s a fashion show, big concert, car presentation or party, like Anja Gockel, many companies and private individuals organizing events have already discovered the KD ships. “We have a wide variety of customers,” reports Jennifer Boitz from the KD charter team. With a fleet of thirteen ships, you can be sure to find the right floating location for every type and size of event. A landmark birthday or wedding are in good hands aboard the smaller ships such as the newly renovated MS Jan von Werth and the MS RheinPoesie. The larger ships − especially the MS RheinEnergie and MS RheinFantasie − are popular with companies that want to offer a special setting for employees, customers and partners. They all have one thing in common: An event on the water inspires guests again and again. No location on land can compete with this, and so the Anja Gockel Fashion Night will stick in the minds of everyone who attended for a long time to come.

Thirteen ships

The KD‘s bookable fleet comprises thirteen ships with capacities ranging from 65 to 1,650 passengers. Event management, decoration, technology, programme, service and catering can be booked in full or in part via the KD Charter Team. Fixed prices and beverage flat rates facilitate calculations.

KD Charter Service
Tel: +49 (0) 221 - 20 88 500

The ship's team

But it is not only the ships that can be booked through the KD’s charter department. The offer also includes all-round support for the planned event. The charter professionals act as event managers and creatively and professionally take care of every last detail. The catwalk on the water is just one example of how all ships can be designed to fit the respective purpose. From state-of-the-art presentation technology to decorations fit for a gala, everything is possible. The gastronomic spectrum of KD is similarly broad. “We love challenges,” says Jennifer Boitz. “And actually there is nothing we cannot make possible on board our ships.”


[Translate to Englisch:] Was für eine Show! Hoher Glamour-Faktor

Party anywhere

In fact, one of the invaluable advantages of such a floating event location is that it can be taken wherever you want − provided, of course, that the location can be reached by boat. And this means that you can not only decide on the location itself, but also on the surrounding scenery, with a river cruise included.

Finale with Anja Gockel on the catwalk

Weekend trips
with KD Moment

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