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Two-in-one tickets for the Siebengebirge Mountains

Two tours in one
By ship to the foot of the Siebengebirge Hills - that alone sounds like a great idea for a day out. But if you want to experience more than the relaxing cruise on the Rhine, just buy the KD Two-in-one Siebengebirge Ticket and enjoy a few hours on land, at the summit of the Drachenfels Cliff or in Sea Life Aquarium, before you get back on the ship for the return trip to Cologne. 

Typical planning for a family day out. Everyone wants to do something different. With KD's Two-in-one Siebengebirge Ticket you get two exciting excursions in one package. That saves money and provides some good ideas for a day-trip to please all the family.


Relaxation from the word go

The Siebengebirge mountains are a traditional destination for day-trippers from the Cologne/Bonn area. Whether it be a outing with the kids, or a day's hiking tour: here you can relax and enjoy nature and history in equal measure. Of course the starting point for such a outing - usually Königswinter - is easily accessible by car from both Rhine cities, but why not relax from the very beginning of the day and make the journey on the river. All you need to do is take a glimpse at the KD timetable. 

For high flyers

When the ship docks in Königswinter the tempo changes immediately. Whereas the Rhine provides an almost meditative part of the excursion with its ships and its slowly passing banks, when you get ashore action is called for. The path from the KD landing stage leads almost automatically to the foot of the most famous of the Siebengebirge mountains, Drachenfels Cliff. If you were clever enough to buy the KD Drachenfels Two-in-One ticket, you can go straight into the valley terminus of the legendary Drachenfels Rack Railway and take a seat in a carriage of Germany's oldest operational rack railway, which will transport you seemingly effortlessly up the steep slope. Buying the Two-in-one ticket not only saves you money, but also gives you a fascinating combination of different means of transport, each of which will carry you in its own way through the unforgettable scenery. 

Two-in-one Ticket Drachenfelsbahn


Visit Drachenburg Castle
Discounted tickets can be purchased at the KD Ticket Office Königswinter

The Drachenfelsbahn - Since 1908 the train goes to the top of the Drachenfels.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Drachenfelsbahn - Aussicht aus dem Fahrerhaus.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Drachenfelsbahn - Aussicht auf das Tal.

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[] Aussicht vom Drachenfels

[Translate to Englisch:] Aussicht vom Drachenfels

© KD Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt GmbH
[] Blick von Bord der KD auf das Siebengebirge

[Translate to Englisch:] Blick von Bord der KD auf das Siebengebirge

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Not only the journey is its own reward

It's an experience just to ride on the Drachenfels Raiway, where everything oozes a wonderful nostalgic charm, but at the end of the ride there is a sudden change of subject. When you reach the Drachenfels plateau the historical technology fades into the background in favour of the magnificent view. The view down into the valley is simply breathtaking! At the latest when you see how tiny the ships on the Rhine to be from up here, you may pat yourself on the back for making the decision to take the train ride to the summit. And although the climb has not taken too much effort, there are still plenty of reasons to have a rest. "Sit down and enjoy" should be your motto here. 

Interessting facts and figures connected with the Drachenfels Railway

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Keep your feet on the ground

If after the cruise on the Rhine you prefer to stay nearer the water rather than climb to lofty heights, your KD Two-in-One ticket Siebengebirge entitles you, in addition to the cruise, to visit Königswinter's other main attraction: Sea Life. This modern aquarium situated on the Rhine promenade provides old and young visitors with a fascinating insight into underwater life all around the globe. More than 6,000 examples of around 100 species can be seen in the aquarium's 30 tanks.

Two-in-one Ticket Sea Life Königswinter

Getting home again

Whether you chose the view over the river or an insight into life below the surface of the oceans, even the best day out must eventually come to an end. In this case this can happen back on a KD ship, because of course the Two-in-One ticket can be purchased to include the return journey on the river, thus letting you relax again after an exciting time on shore. Perhaps you even fancy a glass of wine from the Rhine Valley, or a Kölsch beer.

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