Two metropolitan cities on the Rhine move a little closer together

A day cruise with MS RheinPoesie
Düsseldorf and Cologne, the two home cities of KD, have come a good deal closer together emotionally. The gap between the two metropolitan cities on the Rhine has been bridged thanks to the new day cruises by the event yacht MS RheinPoesie from Düsseldorf to Cologne.

The elegant MS RheinPoesie glides smoothly up to the KD jetty at Burgplatz in Düsseldorf, watched with interest by many pairs of eyes on the river bank. While there are only a few cyclists and a handful of joggers out on the promenade, a cluster of people are already waiting at the jetty. The atmosphere is lively and merry even at such an early hour. It’s perfect weather for an excursion to Cologne and back. So the guests board the ship in a good mood, warmly welcomed by Captain Markus Koopmann and Ship Manager Cüneyt Karakus. The latter shows guests to their seats at the tables set with tablecloths, serviettes, cutlery and floral decorations.

Please take your places

The MS RheinPoesie departs on time at 9.30 am and sets sail for the cathedral city. Kniebrücke bridge, the Landtag state parliament building and the Medienhafen (media harbour) are the first sights that come into our field of vision. Something else altogether is attracting the attention of passengers inside the ship. MS RheinPoesie chef Michael Heinze asks the guests to take their places at the tables for the first time that day. The day cruise includes a breakfast and lunch buffet on board. The buffet, which is several metres long, offers hungry guests everything they need to get the day off to a good start, including generously filled platters of sausage and ham. There’s also a selection of cheeses, antipasti, salads, salmon and smoked fish, mini meatballs and roast beef, as well as a selection of bread and rolls, muesli, fresh fruit with sliced strawberries and pieces of melon as well as scrambled eggs, fried sausages and bacon. Of course, everything is freshly prepared and presented in an appetising way.

Martha Schneider from Benrath is very impressed by the choice and the service. “The nice young lady helped me and even carried my plate to my seat for me”. The 85-year-old has some difficulty walking. Her travel companion adds: “It’s great to see how they keep replenishing the buffet. There’s nothing worse than an empty buffet”. She says with a smile: “It’s especially important for both of us that the buffet is kept topped up, because we’re not the fastest anymore”.

Abundant choice of dishes

Although Michael Heinze is still quite fast on his feet, the 34-year-old is also concerned about replenishing the buffet, but from a professional point of view. “Precisely this is our credo: keep a constant eye on the range of cold and hot dishes and add plenty more right away. This goes especially for the classics such as scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon – nobody should come away empty-handed or wait too long for what they want”.

Simply switch off

Well invigorated after breakfast, a number of guests make for the open air. The temperature – not too hot, not too cool – and a light breeze are just right for a little sunbathing on one of the open decks. Some passengers quietly enjoy the sights and let the panoramic views pass them by. Others take a stroll on deck and keep a look out for the best photo opportunities.

From a corner sheltered from the wind, concisely shouted numbers and commands reach the ear: “18, 20, pass”. Okay. The three-man skat group has also come up from the saloon below deck into the fresh air. A couple of metres away from the card fans a few sun worshippers have made themselves comfortable and ordered some small bottles of sparkling wine to boost their circulation. A day trip on board the KD means relaxation and slowing down.

In short:

"Unwind and simply take some time out for yourself."

A living room and party venue in one

Meanwhile, the service team in the saloon is making everything look nice again. They are putting out new serviettes, new cutlery and – if necessary – new tablecloths. Ship Manager Cüneyt Karakus pays attention to every little detail. “We want our guests to feel completely at home with us. For one day, the ship belongs to them”. Cüneyt Karakus is very happy about the renovated and redesigned MS RheinPoesie. KD has technically and aesthetically modernised the former Warsteiner and now it has an elegant new look. Furnished with tables and chairs, the ship seats a maximum of 194 people. When MS RheinPoesie is used as a party ship, it can accommodate up to 250 people.

"What is especially great about it is the generous layout. The open saloons with their bright colours and chic furniture create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. This is the perfect setting for many different events”
Ship Manager Cüneyt Karakus

The hours fly by

The charm of the river cruiser also inspires Captain Markus Koopmann. “It’s just fantastic to be out on such a sleek yacht. We pass lots of prominent points on the journey from Düsseldorf to Cologne. The tour is framed by two great old town views. What more could you ask for?” says the 30-year-old skipper. The hours fly by.

Suddenly the cathedral towers appear, and around 3 pm the event yacht docks at the KD jetty in Cologne’s old town. Hilde and Heinz Burzan are completely satisfied with the first part of the day cruise. They enjoy the peace and quiet on board and the little break from everyday life. The couple from Ratingen were given the trip by their children as a Christmas present. “Breakfast was lovely. And the lunch buffet was no less impressive. It was plentiful, varied and delicious”. At the lunch buffet, chef Heinze also focuses on quality and freshness. Guests can choose from several salads and star-ters, hot dishes, cheese, bread and butter and desserts. After the delights on the river, a guided city tour through the old town awaits the guests at the stop in Cologne. Visitors from the state capital learn a few stories, anecdotes and some background about Cologne’s history. At 5 pm, the MS RheinPoesie finally departs again and sets a course for Düsseldorf.

Spectacular times on the Rhine!
The new KD event ship

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