Float up to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in seven minutes

We all need to spend a day doing something nice for ourselves now and then. How about a feel-good package that includes culinary delights, exploration, relaxation, new experiences and amazing sights?

With the packages offered by Köln-Düsseldorfer Rheinschiffahrt GmbH (KD), a short time-out from everyday life is often only a stone’s throw away from our own home. One magnificent destination is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley. A day trip to Koblenz is definitely well worth it.

Enjoy a zero-stress day

The Rhineland-Palatinate city situated at the “Deutsches Eck”, or “German Corner”, headland is a tourist magnet featuring countless places of interest. The highlight of our excursion is the combination of a riverboat cruise, a stroll through Koblenz, a ride on the cable car to the Landscape Park, which was created for Germany’s 2011 Federal Garden Show, and a visit to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress Cultural Centre. With the KD combined ticket, you can enjoy all this with no stress at all. The ticket includes the KD boat trip, the cable car ride across the Rhine and admission to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.

Cruise sets sail from Boppard

We start our journey in the picturesque little town of Boppard. This popular destination for a day trip is located on the largest loop of the Rhine and is famous for its top-quality wines, guaranteed by the vines on the sunny slopes of “Bopparder Hamm”. Covering an area of 75 hectares, this is the largest continuous wine-growing region in the Middle Rhine. The absolute star in a glass is Riesling. We’ll make a mental note of that for later on. Now, it’s time to board the boat. In Boppard, there are a range of KD tours to choose from. The Nostalgia Route takes you past the famous sights along the romantic Middle Rhine on the paddle steamer “Goethe”. The Lorelei Tour entices guests with Lorelei Rock and countless castles. And there are even more of these on the Castle Cruise featuring Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Stolzenfels Castle and Marksburg Castle.

Departure from Boppard

Breakfast on board

View of Stolzenfels Castle from aboard

Start with a good breakfast

With our combined “Fortress & Cable Car” ticket, we secure our places on the MS Asbach, which departs on time from the KD jetty on Rheinallee at 10:15 a.m. and sets a course for Koblenz. Full of anticipation for the next items on the programme, we enjoy a hearty and tasty breakfast on board and let the breathtaking landscape drift by. It is a meeting of several parallel worlds in which people move at different paces. For a few moments their paths seem to cross, then they lose sight of each other again. People walk or cycle forward along the banks of the Rhine, the boat follows the river, and at Rhine kilometre 572 near Boppard the chairlift floats up to a popular lookout, the “Vierseenblick”.

Exquisite view of the Rhine

In good spirits, we reach Koblenz at 11:45 a.m. and make a beeline for the lower cable car station on Konrad Adenauer bank. The barrier-free cars glide 850 metres above the Rhine towards the mighty Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. The cable car, built for the 2011 Federal Garden Show, is one of Germany’s most state-of-the-art systems. Each of the 16 enclosed panoramic cabins have space for a maximum of 35 passengers. The gondolas offer a spectacular view of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. If we didn’t already, now we understand what the phrase “Father Rhine meets Mother Moselle in Koblenz” means. The two rivers converge at Deutsches Eck, as can be clearly seen from the different colours of the water. At a speed of 16 kilometres per hour, we reach the top station within seven minutes and exit directly in the middle of the spacious park.

Culture at historic heights

We’re more in the mood for old walls today, and the historic Ehrenbreitstein Fortress offers more than enough of these. It is one of the largest fortresses in Europe. An attractively designed cultural centre awaits visitors. The enormous building complex, with its metre-thick walls, trenches, tunnels, bridges and gates is home to Koblenz State Museum, which has four exhibition buildings with attractive permanent and temporary exhibitions. The “Erlebnisroute” trail exploring the fortress’s history stretches across the whole area. We only manage a few of the trail and time markers. But that doesn’t matter because we’ll definitely be back to experience the culture at historic heights again.

Back to the boat buzzing with positive energy

Brimming with magnificent impressions and positive energy, we take the cable car back down to the valley. After a short rest in the shady beer garden on the riverside promenade, we still have time for a quick detour to the Basilica of St. Castor with its beautifully landscaped garden, a brief stroll through the old town and a stop to say a silent hello to emperor Wilhelm the First, who, perched on his warhorse high up on a pedestal at Deutsches Eck, has an eye on everything. He certainly looks like he does, at least. At 5:50 p.m., at the end of a fulfilling day, the MS Asbach takes us, happy and contented, back to our starting point in Boppard.

View of the German Corner

Breathtaking landscape

Exquisite view of Rhine and Moselle

Walking through the beautiful landscape park


Departures daily until 23/10/2022 depart Boppard 10:15 a.m. | arrive Koblenz 11:45 a.m. | depart Koblenz 5:50 p.m. | arrive Boppard 7:45 p.m.

During your stopover in Koblenz there’s time for the cable car and a visit to the fortress Price of combination ticket: € 33 per person

Buy your tickets here. 

Spectacular times on the Rhine!
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