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KD Event tours are refreshing, tingly, entertaining and at times even frighteningly beautiful
KD event tours are when entertainment and pleasure converge. The cabaret, literary, musical and even murderously suspenseful offers are guaranteed to have tasteful and surprising moments in store.

Outstanding chefs from the  region demonstrate their singular talents during the popular Köln-Düsseldorfer Rheinschiffahrt dinner cruises. Each stove virtuoso creates a 4-course menu for ‘his’ KD dinner tour and prepares it with the aid of the KD kitchen crew on the day of the respective event. On request, wines can be selected to accompany the menu. Guests can look forward to delightful evenings with Jaspreet Dhaliwal-Wilmes and Olaf Baumeister. Jaspreet Dhaliwal-Wilmes runs the restaurant ‘Der Vierte  König’ in Cologne and is particularly enthusiastic for French and Indian cuisine. Olaf Baumeister is a chef at Hotel Seegarten in Sundern am Sorpesee in the Sauerland region of Germany. He pampers guests with his compositions featuring seasonal specialities from the region

Event trips in Cologne: An appetite for poetry

Readings with Dietmar Bär are a literary delight in a class all their own. The actor is known throughout Germany for his role as commissioner Freddy Schenk in episodes for the televised ‘Tatort’ crime series that play in Cologne. The Dortmund native is also an experienced voice actor and audio book narrator. During the KD evening tour, the artist presents passages from his favourite books – where perhaps a crime will figure into the action. The ‘Culinary art meets poetry’ programme features a 3-course menu including a welcome champagne in addition to the reading, which is seasoned with charm, wit and suspense

Best entertainment and special treats

Jürgen Becker looks to the future

‘Well, now let’s have a great evening!’ That’s original audio by Cologne-based cabaret artist Jürgen Becker. He fulfils that promise, too, with his current programme, ‘Die Ursache liegt in der Zukunft’ (‘The cause lies in the future’). One of the issues he examines: ‘What holds the world together?’ Jürgen Becker doesn’t know either, but he does have answers. He recalls that capitalism is based on infinite growth. That is not sustainable. A ground-breaking, wrathful storm is looming on the horizon. No problem. Jürgen Becker whips up optimal optimism free from opiates and finds a space for us all beneath his warm blanket. With his inimitable humour, he brings courage to himself and his audience. Everything is going to be all right, because there’s something else going on. That’s definitely the case at the culture dinner aboard KD, complete with Rhenish 3-course menu.

The Rhenish universe

For 57 years, cabaret artist, musician and author Konrad Beikircher has lived in a microcosm in which many things are different: the language, Carnival, the Church, food and everything in general. He recounts his experiences in and with this most mysterious of all worlds in his current programme, ‘Das rheinische Universum’ [‘The Rhenish Universe’]. It is about truths, halftruths and people who, while perhaps odd, are still wonderful. The 3-course menu hails from the universe of the KD kitchen.

Event tours in Düsseldorf: Murder can happen in the best of families

The original crime dinner is a bulwark of murderously good entertainment. Aboard the new KD event liner, the MS RheinGalaxie, crimes are perpetrated in the style of the British crime author Edgar Wallace – and, with a little luck, that’s also how they’re solved. The excursions into the 1960s are exciting, delightful and a bit spooky. The focus is on the Ashtonburry family and former Chief Inspector Bourke. To peer behind the dark secrets of Darkwood Castle, to discover legacy hunters and expose the culprits from amongst the multitude of suspects, he needs the help of the audience during the ‘Mord an der Angel’ [‘Dinner on the hook’] crime dinner. Guests’ alert eyes and ears are needed for the episode entitled ‘Der Geburtstag des Grauens’ [‘The birthday of horror’], too. Lady Cora is turning 30, but for some reason there’s no real sense of festivity. Creepy things are happening at Darkwood Castle. Besides a dead rich uncle, an unopened will and multiple deaths under mysterious circumstances, a riding horse named ‘Satan’ also has a role to play. The family members who are not assassinated end up locked away in a mental institution. Cora would prefer no such fate. Is there an evil curse on the Ashtonburry family? Or are there perhaps very earthly causes for the crimes? Because investigating and searching for clues makes people hungry, a 3-course crime dinner, welcome champagne included, is served with each crime evening aboard KD.

Premiere aboard KD: Crime dinner

“In word and song, Steller successfully combines German poetry with music he has composed himself.”

Oliver Steller recites and sings Rilke

With his programme entitled ‘Zwischen den Sternen’ [‘Between the Stars’], actor, musician and guitarist Oliver Steller dedicates himself to the life and work of poet Rainer Maria Rilke in his own, unique fashion. In word and song, Steller successfully combines German poetry with music he has composed himself. Joined by colleagues Bernd Winterschladen (saxophone) and Dietmar Fuhr (double bass), he carefully approaches this significant poet of literary modernism. The splendid panorama of Düsseldorf ’s Medienhafen [media harbour] provides the perfect backdrop for this wonderful evening aboard the KD event ship. A 3-course menu awaits guests along with the stage programme.

Oliver Steller and Bernd Winterschladen

All dates at a glance



  • Dinner with Olaf Baumeister 24/11/2022
  • 'Das rheinische Universum' with Konrad Beikircher 27/11/2022
  • Culinary reading with Dietmar Bär 04/12/2022
  • 'Die Ursache liegt in der Zukunft' with Jürgen Becker 11/12/2022
  • Dinner trip with Jaspreet Dhaliwal-Wilmes 13/12/2022


  • Crime dinner: 'Geburtstag des Grauens' 16/10/2022
  • Crime dinner: 'Mord an der Angel' 27/11/2022
  • 'Zwischen den Sternen' with Oliver Steller 11/12/2022
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