Ahoy Kids!

Colourful holiday fun on board KD
Games, handicrafts, romping around, marvelling at all that is going on – KD has once again planned exciting boat trips for junior guests during this year’s summer and autumn holidays. In 2017 a new programme will be offered for kids’ outings: new topics, new activities – and games that are even more fun. While the young passengers experience exciting adventures in the jungle, in wonderland or on the high seas, mum and dad – or grandma, granddad, uncle, godmother – can enjoy the marvellous river cruise.

Setting off to sea as a daredevil pirate, singing and dancing with fabulous beings, venturing on an exciting journey into wonderland – children’s dreams will come true on KD ships. On five dates in the summer and autumn holidays, sailors aged from around three to eleven will be able to immerse themselves in colourful worlds and look forward to a whole host of surprises. In conjunction with the learning therapist Monika Schuck, a new concept has been devised for this year which will make the KD kids’ trips even more enjoyable, more exciting and more varied.

Unique experience

Playing, dancing, romping and a great deal of laughter will be the order of the day – the KD vessels will become hives of activity when budding pirates and sailors storm on board. And they will be welcomed with a stunning stage show featuring artistes and magicians, terric play and handicraft areas and many other fun activities which will thrill both the youngsters and their companions. is year’s oering will be even more attractive than in previous years: “The kids’ trips we oered in the past were extremely popular with children, but it wasn’t always possible to seamlessly extend the story which was told to the side shows. We wanted to change that,” says Monika Schuck of the idea behind the new approach. And the result is certainly a success: From the moment the kids set foot on board to the time they leave, a central theme now links all aspects of the supporting programme. “We’ve designed the trips to ensure that all the activities and games on board to the chosen topic. is includes our artists accompanying the programme throughout the entire day – and not just appearing on the stage, but also playing an active part off it,” explains Monika. The children can ask the play captain and his crew questions at all times – or simply give them a hug when they feel like it.

Colourful programme

After the introduction, the youngsters will immediately become part of the story. For instance, the passengers are called upon to help find the legendary treasure of Taka Tuka or to accept an invitation to the congress of the fabulous beings. In keeping with the topic being focused on, the children will create jewellery, palm trees, masks, hats – whatever is required for the plot. Face painting also plays a part in the varied repertoire because children will nd it easier to slip into dierent roles with face paint on. ey can turn into mighty tigers, magical fairies or bold warriors before plunging into the wild action. is might involve a bouncy castle contest in which they have to propel the ship by jumping, or the sailors setting a crazy treasure map straight in a chaos game. All the kids are also invited to enter the stage wearing the costumes and masks they have created and take an active part in the show. “Our guests naturally decide themselves whether they wish to join in or just watch. But even shy children are frequently condent enough to participate when they see how much fun it is to do so,” comments Monika.

Professional support

The educational team headed by Monika Schuck will be present on board on all the trips. “Most of our artists have also completed a course in theatre pedagogy, so they are fully aware of what the children require,” explains Monika. Care is taken to ensure that all guests are catered for. Even the youngest can join in all the activities – for example age-appropriate materials for cutting, painting and gluing are available in all the handicraft areas. “And if someone doesn’t want to be a pirate but a princess instead, that’s naturally no problem at all. Every child should be happy when they leave the vessel at the end of the day – that is our main concern,” stresses the learning therapist.

Everything geared to suit the children

KD has ne-tuned not just the programme itself, but also the departure and arrival times: MS RheinEnergie and MS RheinFantasie will set off an hour earlier than previously, namely at 11 am, from the Frankenwer in Cologne towards Bonn, and will dock there again at 5 pm, not too late even for the youngest guests. Naturally the children will distribute the discovered gold before they leave the ship, select the pirate king and queen and honour the best treasure hunter of Taka Tuka – thus crowning what is guaranteed to be a successful day’s holiday.

Weekend trips
with MS Swiss Crystal

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