A good drop for the fleet

New additions to KD‘s on-board wine list
23 wines – red, white and rosé, dry, semi-dry and sweet, open and by the bottle. KD takes its wine list very seriously, and it shows. After all, the routes KD operates pass by excellent vineyards and through the heart of renowned wine-growing regions. Our wine list is like a travel guide and a sip from a glass becomes a viticultural journey of discovery through the region you’re currently cruising through. RheinZeit magazine took a closer look at the list.

So that it’s not only the stunning scenery passing by the panorama windows of the KD vessels that offers variety, each year and long before the start of the cruise season, we organise an extensive wine tasting where the KD catering managers try out wines from the wine-growing regions that flank the KD routes in order to choose new wines for the on-board wine list. Another of their yearly tasks is to find a new KD wine of the year, which, like our own brand of Sekt sparkling wine, is then accorded a specially designed label to become the liquid poster child for the current season. RheinZeit magazine presents the three new additions to the drinks menu here. And another tip for a more lasting impression: Simply try them on board!

KD wine of the year 2017, Binger St. Rochuskapelle

2016 Weißburgunder Spätlese trocken: This Weißburgunder from the Weingut Dorwagen winery in Rheinhessen is an ideal summer wine. With its fine fruit aromas, it goes well with all kinds of food and is a pleasure to drink on its own too.

The Weißburgunder grape variety: An ever-increasing number of German wine-growers are discovering this elegant vine, better known in France as the Pinot Blanc and in Italy as the Pinot Bianco. The dry white wine has a pleasantly refreshing acidity and fine fruity aroma that’s reminiscent of apple, pear, quince, apricot, citrus fruits and fresh pineapple.


KD has for the first time included a Secco on its wine list alongside its Sekt sparkling wine. This German sparkling rosé from Königsbach-Neustadt has a zesty/fruity character and offers a lighter alternative to Sekt. What is Secco? According to German wine law, Secco is a sparkling wine that has elevated carbon dioxide levels compared to still wine. Its relatively low alcohol content make Secco an ideal summer aperitif.

Sekt KD own label, dry

It isn’t just what’s in the bottle that’s new this season – for the first time ever, KD’s own-label Sekt sparkling wine is available in two sizes: as a standard 0.75 litre bottle and as a 0.2 litre piccolo.

The tasting contest to become the new KD own label was won by a cuvée from the wine and Sekt producers Artarus in Mayen. The wine merchant has made a name for itself in the Rhine-Mosel region as preferred partners of the hotel and catering trade. Managing director Dirk Justen and its team place particular importance on the quality of their sparkling wines.

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