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Konrad Beikircher – Moment of Glory

Beikircher’s Christmas special
The most peaceful time of the year is often the loudest in our cities. So we can throw cinnamon stars around on stage, right?!

Konrad Beikircher’s Christmas special has little to do with peace and reflection. It’s more about the ironic and funny madness that plagues families every year around the holidays, between wrapping paper, the Christmas roast and tree decorations. After all, Beikircher doesn’t have an easy relationship with Christmas. His birthday being two days before Christmas Eve was traumatic during his childhood: he didn’t get his birthday presents until 24th December – and even then they were socks, shirts and underpants.

So it’s inevitable that this mixture of storytelling, readings and cabaret interludes will strike not only a festive tone. He’ll tell delicious, deviant stories and recite poems by Brecht, Kästner Hüsch and Loriot that are so funny you’ll cry and so intimate you’ll want a cuddle, and he’ll share personal anecdotes about Christmas in South Tyrol. A song or two and the odd Rhineland story round off the evening.

Program | 09.12.2018

  • Cruise from/to Cologne Old Town
  • 17:30 Boarding
  • 18:30 Departure
  • 21:30 Return
  • 21:30 End of Event
  • MS RheinFantasie
  • Tasty meals and drinks
  • Ticket price: € 28

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