Das Japanische Feuerwerk vom Rheinufer in Düsseldorf
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Japanese Fireworks

On one day each year the festival of culture and dialogue Japan Day turns Düsseldorf with its dazzling oriental firework display into Little Tokyo on the Rhine. 

Pyrotechnicians come from Japan to Düsseldorf especially for this event, which is part of the Japan Day, and the "hanabi" or typical Japanese fireworks are themselves brought from the Land of the Rising Sun weeks beforehand. As a guest on board KD you can appreciate the skill which goes into creating this amazing half-hour masterpiece of colour and thematically designed images in the sky. See for yourself!

Program | 20.05.2017

  • Cruise from/to Düsseldorf
  • 19:15 Uhr Boarding
  • 19:30 Uhr Departure
  • 23:15 Uhr Return
  • 23:15 Uhr End of Event
  • MS Warsteiner
  • inkl. cruise
  • incl. tasty buffet
  • incl. drinks (wine, beer, softdrinks)
  • Ticket price € 89

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