Children’s cruise – The Treasures of captain Gurnard 14.08.2024

Fun for the kids on board.
All hands on deck, in the summer holidays there are pirates on board KD! But what's happening? Captains, magicians and jungle kids are also boarding ship. As you can see: excitement and adventure are guaranteed.

Get ready to cast off and set sail! Follow your nose towards exciting adventures on the Rhine. This particular bit of holiday fun on board KD offers total entertainment for our younger passengers: with spectacular stage shows, great handiwork and exciting games there is something for everyone. Our team of hosts give it their all and carry away the children's adult escorts too. Today we say "cast off" and plunge yourself into the mysterious world of the Jungle Book. We abduct you into a world of wild animals, dense jungle and great adventures.   


The Treasures of Captain Gurnard

“Ahoy pirates, we’re setting sail for the high seas!” cries Captain Gurnard. There’s silence on board for a moment, until deckhand Piet steps forward. “Capt’n, sir? Pardon me, but this here is a river.”

Snorting, Gurnard takes a look at Piet, who, sheepishly, recoils away. “Hoist the sai… start the engine running, we’re setting a course for Bonn.” Captain Gurnard is confident that that’s where his ancestors hid the treasures of Taka Tuka.

Join a crazy band of modern-day pirates on their hunt for a treasure that only Captain Gurnard has ever heard of and that only he is confident of finding.

Program | 14.08.2024

  • Cruise from/to Dusseldorf
  • 10:00 Boarding
  • 11:00 Departure
  • 16:00 Return
  • 16:00 End of Event
  • incl. cruise MS RheinEnergie
  • An exciting stage program
  • Games and arts opportunities
  • Gaming fun on the free deck
  • Ticket price € 19 children / € 19 adults

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