Das Niederwalddenkmal im Landschaftspark Niederwald
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Ring Ticket

A special kind of round trip
Cable car and chair lift, a walk and of course a cruise - all that is included in the KD Ring Ticket, with which you can discover nature and history in and around Rüdesheim.

Rüdesheim is the ideal starting point for a nature- and culture-tour in the hills above the Middle Rhine valley. Here is the valley terminus of the cable railway which takes visitors up to the Niederwald landscape park. There you will find numerous hiking paths, one of which will bring you to the gigantic Niederwald Monument high above the Rhine. A chairlift brings you back down to Assmannshausen on bank of the river. From here you have a relaxing forty-five minute journey by KD ship back to Rüdesheim, thus closing the circle of this interesting excursion. 

Ring Ticket Niederwald

For only € 15 (€ 7 Kids) you get the ring ticket Niederwald. Currently online bookings are not possible. Please contact the KD service center or to the KD Ticket Office on the spot.


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