MS Warsteiner in Düsseldorf
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Day trip from Dusseldorf to Duisburg

A visit to Europe's largest inland port
Dusseldorf and Duisburg, two big cities on the Lower Rhine, are a mere 30 kilometres apart on the river, but they could hardly be more different.

On the one hand the chic of Dusseldorf, city of art and shopping, on the other hand the working-class city of Duisburg, in the midst of structural transformation. The contrast makes this day trip, which links the two cities together, all the more fascinating. On board our comfortable river cruiser you can enjoy a three hour cruise from Dusseldorf to Duisburg, where you have two hours to explore Europe's largest inland port before you embark on the return cruise in the afternoon. Included in the price of the ticket is a delicious Bergisch waffle and a hot drink.


  • Cruise Düsseldorf - Duisburg
  • 10:15 Departure Düsseldorf
  • 13:30 Arrival Duisburg
  • 15:30 Departure Duisburg
  • 19:00 Arrival Düsseldorf
  • Day trip Duisburg
  • incl. Harbour Cruise
  • incl. coffee and cake on the way back
  • Ticket price: € 27,80
  • Dates: 13.07., 03.08., 24.08.2016


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